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 1. I have completed my registration but I still cannot login. 

Your registration is still on the Waiting List. Check that you have received the registration confirmation email and that you have confirmed your email address by clicking on the appropriate link. Registrations are verified within 24/48 hours from the moment of registration. If you are unable to login after this period of time send an email to


 2. How can I recover my password?  

Just click on RECOVER PASSWORD: you will receive an email which will send you directly to your profile where you will be able to change your password.


 3. I cannot complete my purchase.  

The minimum order amount has not been reached (200€ for EU countries, 1000€ for non EU countries) 


 4. My credit card is not being accepted.  

The delivery fees are missing. Click on bank transfer: in this way the stock will be reserved. You will receive the delivery fees by email shortly.


 5. Can I pay by cheque?  

No, the only accepted methods of payment are bank transfer, credit card and PayPal.


 6. I have made an order but the delivery fees are not being calculated: why?  

Your order has exceeded the total weight of 100kg. In this case you will receive an email shortly with the total cost of your order including the delivery fees with DHL.


 7. From where can I get the order’s tracking number?  

You can find your tracking number on your profile. Just login and click on MY PROFILE.


 8. What are the delivery times?   

DHL delivers within 2/3 days on average. We remind you that 7DaysSale products are sent around 7/10 days after the end of the sale.


 9. I have not received the receipt.  

The receipt is not sent but can be found on PROFILE.


10. I have received products that do satisfy me, are wrong, 

damaged and/or miss: how can I send them back?

If some products do not satisfy you, are wrong, damaged and/or miss, start the return request directly from your profile. Just login, click on MY PROFILE, click on the ORDERS form, select the order and click on RETURN REQUEST. The request will be processed within a short period. For more information go to TERMS AND CONDITIONS.


11. Can I change or cancel an order?

No, an order cannot be changed. If you would like to cancel it, send an email to


12. I would like to change my delivery address.

Just insert the correct delivery address in the profile before you complete your purchase.


13. I would like to change my billing address.

The billing address cannot be changed. If you wish to bill the orders to a company with a different VAT number you must first create a new account, and then complete a new registration. We moreover suggest that you inform us of your new account by


14. Are the products original?  

All the products sold on our website are 100% original, as they have been purchased directly from the brands or from the official licensees.


15. Is it possible to view and to purchase the products from an outlet?

No, purchase is only available online.


16. Can I download and use the photos of the purchased products?

Yes, it is possible. Just purchase our PHOTODOWNLOAD monthly membership which will allow you to download free for 30 days all the photos in HD concerning the orders carried out.  The membership is at a monthly fee of 100€ (+VAT) and can be renewed monthly.


17. I have inserted my VAT number but VAT is still added to the order.

The VAT number is not valid for non-EU countries or you have used a different VAT number from the previous one (CONDITIONS OF SALE). Check that you have inserted the correct VAT number: in such case click on (CONTACT US)


18. What is the difference between 7DaysSale, Partner Products and catalogue products?

- The catalogue products are available for immediate delivery: once purchased they are prepared and dispatched within 24 hours and delivered within 2/3 days.

- The 7DaysSale products are present on our website for 7 days only and are dispatched after 7-10 days from the end of the sale.

-   Partner Products are located in the warehouses of our partner companies and are handled directly by them.


19. I would like to use my own courier not DHL.

Just select "No thanks, I'll take care of the shipping" under the DISPATCH TYPE section upon confirmation of order. When the order is ready just contact us to receive all the order details so that you can organise its collection.


20. What’s a Partner Product?

Partner Products are products belonging to reliable suppliers with whom has been working for a long time. Brandsdistribution has decided to share them with their customers to offer them a much bigger catalogue.


21. Can I put in the cart products belonging to different partners?

No, the cart can only have products from the same Partner. At the same time, it is not possible to mix’s products with Partner Products.


22. How can I recognize Partner Products?

All Partner Products are marked with a symbol and have different colours, one for each Partner.


23. What’s the delivery time for Partner Products?

Partner Products are delivered within 14 days.