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How to Find Wholesale Clothing Vendors

Finding fashion designer wholesale vendors can be tricky for retailers, especially when seeking access to brands across the globe. However, one of the beauties of technology is the rise of B2B wholesale platforms, such as Brandsdistribution, where buyers and store owners can shop over 120 designer brands among women's, men's, accessories, and footwear.

Brandsdistribution is a leading B2B wholesale fashion platform and is trusted by almost 755,000 registered retailers around the globe. In this step-by-step guide, we walk you through everything you need to know in order for you to become a clothing reseller and get designer goods at excellent prices for your shop.

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What Are Wholesale Clothing Vendors?

A wholesale clothing vendor or supplier is a company selling clothes and fashion accessories to retailers at wholesale prices. In fashion, most brands have two businesses: direct-to-consumer in which products are sold at their market prices, and wholesale.

The vendor/supplier has a warehouse, a distribution center, and can ship products directly to retailers. Good wholesale clothing vendors/suppliers are directly connected to the brands or to the manufacturers of products they store and distribute. It is the job of a wholesale vendor/supplier to distribute or ship the product to retail stores. 

As a wholesale fashion supplier, Brandsdistribution sells designer goods at reduced prices known as wholesale prices. Designers will benefit from the increased exposure that retailers have and from the higher quantities of wholesale orders.

Generally, wholesale vendors will have a minimum order quantity that retailers must meet in order to purchase.

Any brand that has a wholesale business counts as a wholesale vendor. They work through a wholesale platform like Brandsdistribution to quickly and easily connect with retailers worldwide. 

Benefits of Wholesale Vendors

Wholesale vendors have many benefits to retailers. Primarily they are responsible for creating the product that goes in your store!

It is also really important for retailers to keep their assortments fresh by bringing in new season styles and fresh talent from emerging designers. Wholesale vendor pricing also enables retailers to make a large profit on their goods.

Generally from the wholesale to the retail price, there is a 2x or 2.5x markup which means as a retailer you make double what you pay for goods.

How to Find Wholesale Clothing Vendors?

It can be hard to understand how to find a wholesale clothing vendor. Especially today, there are so many ways to discover new wholesale vendors.

Some brands still rely on outdated purchasing methods that make it hard to discover brands and are disorganized. The most efficient way to find wholesale clothing vendors today is to join an online wholesale fashion platform such us Brandsdistribution.

Once approved as a retailer, you'll have access to hundreds of brands from all over the world from the convenience of the internet. There is no need to spend money to travel to showrooms.

You can review the entire selection of brands and inventory right from your retailer account.

Steps to Find Clothing Vendors Using a Wholesale Fashion Marketplace

Finding clothing vendors is easier than ever with Brandsdistribution. It is just like shopping online! Check out the easy three-step guide on how to find clothing vendors and add products to your store.

1. Find Your Fashion Wholesale Supplier

The first step is to find the right wholesale fashion supplier for your needs.

At Brandsdistribution, we carry an assortment of luxury and designer fashion goods at a wide range of prices. You can find products that will ship to over 170 countries. We also have a b2b marketplace area, where retailers and buyers can enrich their selection of brands, choosing from the best ones, to offer the best assortment for their store.

2. Create Your Account

The next step is to create your account and retailer profile. This is really simple! Choose your login credentials and from there you'll be prompted to enter some basic information.This will make it easier to seamlessly make purchases from different vendors rather than needing to input your information every time you're ready to make a wholesale purchase.

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3. Start Shopping!

Once your account is approved and finalized, you are ready to start shopping from brands all across the world. There are a few different ways to build your wholesale assortment which will be discussed below.

4. Send Your Request for our Key Clients Area

In Brandsdistribution we have a department dedicated to large customers, brokers or trading companies, large purchasing groups who come to us to create lasting and profitable business and collaborations. You can save time with Brandsdistribution's dedicated customer assistance service. With this service, our team will use your personalized proposal to find the best products for your shop.

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5. Browse Through Clothing Vendor Options

If you prefer to take the reins of your brand portfolio, you can shop styles directly through the platform. The marketplace is similar to an online shop in which you'll be able to view styles, colors, and minimum quantities and compare wholesale and market suggested retail prices.

6. Connect With a B2B Buying Office

Vendors sell wholesale and offer discounts and competitive prices thanks to the Brandsdistribution wholesale buying office. There is also a special section dedicated to made in Italy products. In the buying office, you can view a wide assortment of in-stock products.

Differentiate Your Assortment With Wholesale Clothing Vendors

In 2022 the global fashion industry is increasing again, new digital frontiers and advances in sustainability continue to present commercial opportunities.
This is also a time for connection within the fashion industry: brands, fashion buyers, and retailers have to be acute in picking winning suppliers and distributors. For retailers who purchase from wholesale clothing vendors, this means they need to analyze their own assortment and make sure it is aligned with new consumer purchasing trends.

The confusing days of wondering where to find wholesale clothing suppliers are over. Now, thanks to modern-day technology and a stellar B2B marketplace you can use with Brandsdistribution, you can easily understand how to become a designer fashion retailer.

You can try our recommended assortments or build your own selection for your shop.

Once you're ready to boost your store's competitive selection, easily create an account and start shopping!